IDC: Smartphone market grew marginally in Q3, Samsung had the most shipments

Michail, 08 November 2019

According to the latest report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide smartphone shipments grew by an estimated 0.8% during the July-September period. As a whole, the market saw 358.3 million shipments compared to the 355.6 million over a year ago and also grew by 8.1% compared to Q2 2019. The company confirms the observations of its colleagues that we are just past the first quarter with positive smartphone shipments growth in the past two years.

IDC: Smartphone market grew marginally in Q3, Samsung had the most shipments

Taking a look at the top-five manufacturers, Samsung came out on top with 78.2 million shipments during the period which translated to a 21.8% market share and 8.3% yearly growth. Coming in at second place we have Huawei which managed to ship 66.6 million phones during the period which was good for an 18.6% share of the global market. More impressively, Huawei had the highest year over year growth with 28.2% which can be attributed to the strong backing it received in China.

Company Q3 2019 shipments
(in millions)
Q3 2019
Market share
Q3 2018 shipments
(in millions)
Q3 2018
Market share
Yearly Growth
Samsung 78.2 21.8% 72.2 20.3% 8.3%
Huawei 66.6 18.6% 52.0 14.6% 28.2%
Apple 46.6 13.0% 46.9 13.2% -0.6%
Xiaomi 32.7 9.1% 33.8 9.5% -3.3%
Oppo 31.2 8.7% 30.0 8.4% 4.1%
Others 103.0 28.7% 120.7 34.0% -14.7%
Total 358.3 100.0% 355.6 100.0% 0.8%
Source: IDC

Apple came in at third place with 46.6 million shipments and 13% market share but saw a 0.6% slump in its yearly shipments. Xiaomi is next in line, managing 32.7 million shipments which is 3.3% less than the prior year. Oppo rounded out the top five with its 31.2 million phone shipments which is 4.1% better than its results from last year.



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  • 15 Nov 2019
  • XFq

What about Samsung a50 doing

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  • 12 Nov 2019
  • fjc

You said this was the best selling phone, clearly not :’D

  • AnonD-762416
  • 11 Nov 2019
  • m2A

Scroll down on that Black Friday deals page, you illiterate...... :D :D :D :D

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