iMovie for iOS updated with green screen effect and 80 new soundtracks

Prasad, 12 June 2019

Apple has updated iMovie for iOS with a whole bunch of new features. The key among these is the support to key out or remove the background for a subject placed in front of a green screen.

A green or blue screen is used when you intend to remove the background of a subject in a video and replace it with something else during post production. It is usually used to replace the background of weathermen and replaced with the map of the area whose weather they are reporting. These days it is most commonly used in films, where the background is replaced with CGI and it's how a lot of films and TV shows are shot these days.

iMovie change log
iMovie change log

iMovie will let you remove the background automatically when it detects green or blue screen or you can use a 4-point mask and strength slider to adjust the effect manually.

The app also comes with 80 new soundtracks across genres such as pop, chill and sentimental and automatically adjust to match the length of your movie.

You can now also drop in transparent backgrounds to use as logos or custom graphics on top of your videos.

Photos can also be added as overlays to create picture in picture and split screen effects.

You can check the image above for the full list of changes. iMovie is available for free on compatible iPhone and iPad models.


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  • Anonymous

iMovie as well as Pages and Keynote are really good reasons to stick with an iPhone.

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  • Anonymous

Being a professional content creator these days, all you need is an iPad. I like this stuff!