India pricing, availability and special repair offer for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 get detailed

Victor, 12 September 2020

It has been almost two weeks now since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold2. Pricing and pre-orders for the cutting-edge foldable flagship were quick to follow. However, official info for the India market was notably absent. Technically, it still is, but industry-insider sources claim to have the scoop.

The Z Fold2 will retail for INR 1,49,999, which, directly converted, hovers right around the $2,000 mark – a surprisingly reasonable and well in-line price point. The surprising bit mostly stemming from collective expectations for some local price hikes. Pre-orders for the Z Fold2 are expected to kick-off on September 14 and the first units should start shipping from September 26.

The source also offers pricing on some accessories: Aramid Standing Cover for INR 4,799 ($65) and the Leather Cover for INR 5,999 ($82). If these figures are true, Indian buyers might actually be getting slightly better accessory deals than most other markets.

India pricing, availability and special repair offer for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 get detailed

As per the source, there will be no major pre-order offers on the Z Fold2, specific to India, which also seems to be the case in most other places. Crucially, Indian buyers will be getting the complementary Samsung Care Plus one-year protection plan with the purchase of a Z Fold2. Apparently, as per the source, that should cover any accidental damage to the Z Fold2, physical or liquid, for the first year, at a flat, one-time repair cost INR 10,999 ($150). This seems to imply a bit broader coverage than the official Samsung global website, which states:

Your Galaxy Z Fold2 5G gives you exclusive access to premier services only owners can enjoy. Like Galaxy Z Concierge, offering expert assistance 7 days a week 8AM-12AM EST, and Samsung Care+, providing one-time device protection against accidental damage within one year of purchase.

*Fees apply for the one-time Infinity Flex Display repair.

*Protection coverage may vary by country and may require registration. Check terms and conditions for more details.

If, indeed, any kind of one-time damage coverage turns out to be the norm in most places, this bonus could actually make the Z Fold2 a viable purchase for many. Since durability and longevity remain one of the few really tangible concerns, other than raw cost, of course, for picking-up what we believe to be a masterfully crafted and surprisingly polished product. One that, oddly enough, even manages to score very high on in terms of its value proposition. If we pique your interest, be sure to read our full, in-depth review on the Galaxy Z Fold2.



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  • Anonymous
  • 14 Sep 2020
  • 0p}

Just business bro, not mercy or good intentions. This is called Competition. For example, without chinese OEMs you have paid to Samsung a hand and a leg for a midrange phone.

Yeah it was very 'competitive' indeed with pricing through the roofs. In 2015, I had to pay Rs 250 for just 1 GB data (that too with crappy speeds), then add to it a plan that gives talktime, say Rs 50, and then a booster pack for reducing ...

Wow. Coming from someone who owns a $30 phone, that's brash.

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