Indian iPhone 6s shipping with 10W chargers instead of 5W

Prasad, 19 October, 2015

Apple started selling the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in India last week. Some people have noticed, however, that the Indian model comes with a different charger than the ones that come with the US models.

For a while, Apple has been selling iPhones with a smaller 5W charger, whereas the iPads have always been shipping with the larger 12W charger. The iPhone 6s models in India, however, are shipping with a new 10W charger, that look like the ones that ship with iPads but slightly smaller.

This is good news for those in India, as the bigger iPad chargers always charged the iPhones significantly faster than the 5W chargers that come with the phones themselves and although the new iPhone chargers don't quite have the same 12W rating as the iPad chargers, they will still charge the phones way quicker than the 5W chargers shipping in the US.

We wonder why Apple isn't providing these chargers in other regions, though.

Source Thanks Rohan, for sending this in.