Infinix Hot 10 Play

Infinix Hot 10 Play

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  • anon
  • KiN
  • 20 Jan 2024

ghost touch make me so bad :) and also the camera quality...

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    • Anonymous
    • Nu6
    • 17 Dec 2023

    Ghost touches but it happens to me only when I installed the screen guard long lasting battery camera is not too good but manageable it charges slow to be honest so you'll have to find a fast charger

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      • Teray
      • bxc
      • 18 Nov 2023

      It keeps doing on its own. This ghost touch give me so much stress . Im planning to buy a new phone choosing infinix again but im worried its still an issue to all infinix so just didnt proceed with it. Battery is good even in 2 years, problem is its charging port is poor, gets damage easily, you also need to find a compatible charger for it so its really hard.

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        • observatour
        • sSW
        • 12 Nov 2023

        Decent phone if you don't have any. Worst about everything in except for large screen. Very lagg, not recommended for multiplayer games or AAA games. TL;DR just use this phone as back up for calls or text messages only (even video playback also lagging).

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          • r3b
          • 12 Oct 2023

          Thousand, 23 Jun 2023The speaker is very low I hate this phoneLong lasting battery, long screen, worst speaker, fairly poor camera, slow charging. Still one of the good affordable phones out there, but not great though

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            • Anonymous
            • xjH
            • 06 Oct 2023

            Speaker is so bad

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              • Abijith
              • ypc
              • 02 Oct 2023

              This phone was very useless Phone .full of lag i hate this phone don't buy this

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                • Chiboy
                • X5u
                • 25 Sep 2023

                It's useless to me, didn't even liked infininix for once but as this ghost touches continue to increase even after flashing it and it keeps going am done with infininix
                Damn!! Rubbish

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                  • Sammy
                  • r31
                  • 31 Aug 2023

                  Anonymous, 10 Apr 2023I can't open link... All the apps not opening links on... moreHot 10 play is a very poor phone, infact poor is an understatement it's very bad it doesn't support OTG. Ghost touches on it is very annoying you can't on your flashlight as far the phone is on 15 percent battery the speaker is very bad the performance is just very poor I can't advise anyone to get this phone.

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                    • Miraziz
                    • SvX
                    • 17 Aug 2023

                    I don't like this phone because when the battery is lower than 15% I can't turn on flashlight. And after two years of using battery started charging so slow

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                      • ABHISHEK YADAV
                      • y25
                      • 26 Jul 2023

                      very poor phone and sound is very slow and otg is not support

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                        • Md Moon islam
                        • XTa
                        • 21 Jul 2023

                        Ubaokeke, 08 Jul 2023My Infinix Hot 10 Play Model does not have option for Otg C... moreOtg support

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                          • Ubaokeke
                          • Nu6
                          • 08 Jul 2023

                          My Infinix Hot 10 Play Model does not have option for Otg Connection. Is there any solution or update so as to get the OTG Connection option.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Nu6
                            • 01 Jul 2023

                            How can I fix my screen from going off while making call

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                              • JD14
                              • Nue
                              • 24 Jun 2023

                              ghost touch issues is a lot

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                                • Thousand
                                • fu{
                                • 23 Jun 2023

                                Nomi awan, 07 Jun 2023Very very bad speaker is very low bad phone i hate thisThe speaker is very low I hate this phone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • X5u
                                  • 20 Jun 2023

                                  It's often ghost touch and make calls

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                                    • Nomi awan
                                    • 6p{
                                    • 07 Jun 2023

                                    Very very bad speaker is very low bad phone i hate this

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                                      • Kyy
                                      • wrn
                                      • 29 May 2023

                                      I was tricked because this Infinix cellphone uses an old device and often experiences ghosttouch

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                                        • Muin
                                        • uNV
                                        • 27 May 2023

                                        Bakoel, 13 Mar 2023Please help.... My device often ghost touch. How to fix it....The user interface is not good and the phone is full of ghost touches. Now i can't even use the phone for the ghost touch issue. I am using my phone from 2021. Infinix should fix the user interface and the ghost touch issue of the phone.