Infinix Note 11 Pro in for review

Ivan, 16 October 2021

The Infinix Note 11 Pro was announced earlier today and presto, we have it here at HQ and ready for testing.

It comes in a packed retail box with a 33W charger, a cable, a case, a glass screen protector (unapplied), and some leaflets. However the previous model had earbuds as well, while this one hasn't.

Infinix Note 11 Pro in for review

The Note 11 Pro comes a short five months after the Note 10 Pro and it isn't a complete overhaul, nor even a straightforward step up. Sure, its 6.95-inch IPS LCD now refreshes at a higher 120Hz, and it comes exclusively in a higher-end 8/128GB model, no 6/64GB option here.

The Infinix Note 11 Pro The Infinix Note 11 Pro
The Infinix Note 11 Pro

The Infinix Note 11 Pro also adds a 2x telephoto camera, but it scraps the 8MP ultrawide of the Note 10 Pro, which won't be to everyone's tastes.

Another difference is the chipset - a 12nm Helio G96 replaces a 12nm Helio G95. In this case 96 over 95 sounds like a bigger improvement than it is - processing is faster, but graphics are technically inferior - more on that in a future, more detailed article.

Infinix Note 11 Pro in for review

Then there's pricing and availability - no word yet and soon. Which might push some eager buyers towards the older model.

If you're not in a hurry, stay tuned for a more detailed look at the Infinix Note 11 Pro.

Infinix Note 11 Pro in for review


Reader comments

  • Sibas

Very very beautiful phone. I'm already enjoying it here

  • Zero

Heck, the G95 is on par of 845 Single Core, 835 Multicore and near 835 in the graphics department.

It's based on the African market that's why they don't add 2 much.they are trying to deliver the best with an affordable price

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