Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G

Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G

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No it doesn't

    • D
    • Dinesh
    • CbI
    • 05 Oct 2023

    Is this mobile works 4k video

      My Note 12 5g has been upgraded to android 13 and I love it so much.

        • R
        • RKR
        • P@T
        • 18 Aug 2023

        I got Android 13 update today. Great phone.

          Anonymous, 30 Jun 202360 hz oled is a jokeYou know how to root Android phone, then you are able to twick your phone refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz because Dimensity 810 supports 120Hz

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • L1n
            • 30 Jun 2023

            60 hz oled is a joke

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Kx6
              • 22 Jun 2023

              Krizza, 09 Jul 2022What do u guys think? Im a student who needs a new phone. I... moreBeside the specs of the phone. I think you must consider whether there is service center in your region?

                • F
                • Finch92
                • mFd
                • 05 May 2023

                this phone focus to multitasking and gaming, but camera is not really good too simple and $210 no nfc. To me this phone is almost enough

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • U$k
                  • 22 Apr 2023

                  Eyado0o , 06 Apr 2023I've been using this phone for like a month, and i fou... moreSo can I buy it??

                    • Z
                    • ZHY
                    • vxn
                    • 16 Apr 2023

                    this phone is good for gaming wildrift ? pls answer meee

                      Eyado0o , 06 Apr 2023I've been using this phone for like a month, and i fou... moreBut why did they have to lie about the main camera? It's a great device. Thank God, I don't consider camera as buying point in decision to buy a phone.

                        • E
                        • Eyado0o
                        • gKp
                        • 06 Apr 2023

                        I've been using this phone for like a month, and i found it to be really great for the price.
                        About the cameras, you can say that there is inly one rear camera which is the main, and it's not actually 108MP but 12MB (1/1.67") which is pretty good and one can't find in a phone with this price range, the front camera is also very good.
                        Doing daily tasks and social media and internet browsing is super smooth and i had no issues with it.
                        The only issue i have from time to time is that after the phone being inactive for a while and try to turn the screen on using a double tap it may not respond until i repeate it for a couple of times.
                        It also has a couple of nice features like built in call recorder for network and whatsapp calls, the front flash is good.
                        Havn't tried on 5g but on 4g and calling it works just fine.
                        Havn't tried it on heavy games, on clash royale it works just fine.
                        Overall, the phone was more capable than i expected a phone this price would be

                          Androiddoctor, 17 Mar 2023Screen fresh rate ? 60Hz

                            I still love this pro edition since it was announced last year.

                              Screen fresh rate ?

                                SP, 31 Jan 2023mobile is good in this price , but only i have facing netw... moreIt has only WiFi 4, and seemingly a bad 4G and 5G modem, so no wonder it sucks.

                                  • S
                                  • SP
                                  • y2g
                                  • 31 Jan 2023

                                  mobile is good in this price ,
                                  but only i have facing network issue , my friend says to me that , always your phone is showing not reachable , so please fix it only, otherwise its best phone

                                    I need infinix NOTE 12 pro. Im from Zambia 🇿🇲

                                      • g
                                      • gollum
                                      • 7Pw
                                      • 12 Jan 2023

                                      why no NFC???

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • s88
                                        • 11 Jan 2023

                                        Do INFINIX note 12 pro 5G have palm gesture and voice activation for the camera shot?? I think they forget that software..can any one make a video if ever it has...I can't find in my INFINIX not 12 pro 5G..