Infinix Smart 8 Pro

Infinix Smart 8 Pro

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Twoblackguykissing34, 01 May 2024I rly want this phone so baddd instead I got an Tecno spark... moreyou are essentially get the same thing.

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    • Toshi
    • I@a
    • 12 May 2024

    Anonymous, 09 May 2024I am going to be forced to buy the hot 20s since it has 120... moreI think because it's amoled? that's it's a bit pricey than hot 20s (which is IPS LCD)

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      • Anonymous
      • XBq
      • 09 May 2024

      I am going to be forced to buy the hot 20s since it has 120hz, 8GB ram. (I can't trust 8 gb of this phone) and most important G96 yet it came out 2 years ago. I like Infinix but I just don't get their releases sometimes. G36 in 2024, 8GB ram but give it GO edition. I am not an online gamer but I only play offline heavy demanding games like RR3 so I don't think it's chip can cop up with the demands

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        • Twoblackguykissing34
        • y6V
        • 01 May 2024

        I rly want this phone so baddd instead I got an Tecno spark 20c but still want this phone

          Is display ips or amoled?

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            • Anonymous
            • Hxh
            • 01 May 2024

            I would've thought pro version is powerful than non pro but it seems it's the opposite

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              • Revolt98
              • tue
              • 13 Apr 2024

              How to active picture in picture apps whatsapp and youtube?

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                • IgorS
                • J$w
                • 09 Apr 2024

                Infinix just released this phone in Brazil with 4GB RAM + 256GB internal storage configuration. Just bizarre, considering how useless Helio G36 is.

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                  • Pissym3R3N J3AG3R
                  • xjH
                  • 28 Mar 2024

                  I thought pro versions of phones were enhanced versions of the original but for this,it's a total downgrade

                    Kirukato05, 23 Mar 2024I don't know if the company who made these as a predec... moreCrazy to think that this "Pro" version of the previous Smart 8 is going to be inferior

                      I don't know if the company who made these as a predecessor for the Smart 8 is dumb or not, but the Smart 8 is still overall better than this. Why? Here's the two main reason

                      1. It's basically almost the same specs as the Smart 8
                      2. The processor downgrades a lot. The Smart 8 had Unisoc t606 (antutu score of 242K) but this one have only Helio g36 (antutu score of 160K).

                      The only upgrade that this one have is the camera, that's all. If you're only a picture-Facebook-YouTube user then it's good. But if you're an all around user with some light gaming, then this device is not for you. Trust me you won't like the lags you will experience. I have a little brother whose the device processor is the same as this, and he's slapping the heck out of his phone when the continuous lag is happening, when he's only browsing some social media apps xD

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                        • y6V
                        • 15 Mar 2024

                        People should realized this is a Budget friendly phone. Don't expect so much on this phone, it's BUDGET FRIENDLY. It's literally a great phone for a budget friendly one, but it can't handle games like genshin impact or call of duty, the cameras not good either but overall it's a great phone considering that the price is not that high.

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                          • Stb
                          • KZ8
                          • 14 Mar 2024

                          Anonymous, 24 Feb 2024This phone to slow data and not download online games This phone is not for gaming and obviously not for you

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                            • Prince
                            • X@h
                            • 27 Feb 2024

                            This phone is way more better than other brand phone similar to this price. With magic rings,the camera and other extra features which lots of it's competitors don't have, this phone is quite good for me. I'm not a gamer , neither social media person. I'm only having Whatsapp and I'm using YouTube about 3 to 5 hours a day. This phone support without hang. THe 50mp camera also quite acceptable. overall it's a good looking,extra featured budget phone for the price

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                              • Anonymous
                              • x{6
                              • 24 Feb 2024

                              This phone to slow data and not download online games

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                                • Phone please
                                • fnE
                                • 22 Feb 2024

                                Pto but it's go edition? LOL😁

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                                  • Nope
                                  • txF
                                  • 19 Feb 2024

                                  Not pro enough. Or even smart.

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                                    • Lil Kendrick
                                    • mFd
                                    • 18 Feb 2024

                                    It's 2024, hello chips!!

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                                      • Mr. Kal
                                      • tA$
                                      • 13 Feb 2024

                                      Very very in what?? Poor chipset..

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                                        • Darren Le Grand
                                        • Nv$
                                        • 08 Feb 2024

                                        Its disappointing smart 8 pro but with android 13 go and helio g36 then what is the difference between smart 8 india and this pro or plus plz give this phone a better upgrade