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Infinix Zero 30

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Still a killer phone imo. Absolutely great cameras and performance. Beautiful looking display and fast charging. Value for money is 🤌🏻🤌🏻

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    • Obaz
    • mFd
    • 10 Jul 2024

    I read somewhere that it is said that the infinix zero 30 5G can be able to connect to satellite call and messages!
    but according to specifications here in Gsmarena nothing like that!
    What's going on?

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      • Pjer
      • nUk
      • 23 Jun 2024

      DarlingYext, 14 Apr 2024This phone is better in more important aspects, than the R... moreTotally incorrect, redmi note 13 pro plus is much better. The screen is in line with Samsung flagship devices and 130w charges is additional bonus. 140hz in Zero 30 is only marketing trick nothing more. Also Xiaomi gives at least 3 year updates, but Infinix 1 maybe 2 years in the best case.

        • J
        • Joey
        • Bty
        • 13 Jun 2024

        Sam, 31 Mar 2024Both have decent cameras but I would suggest note 13 pro wi... moreJust stop advert another Redmi or Poco phones it is dead alone after 3 years , don't waste your time for advert about those phones, it is just , for one year use

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          • Zero 30 5G user
          • Q6I
          • 08 Jun 2024

          Imthatguy, 27 May 2024make sure to click the "4k/60FPS" to use the feat... moreYes, I have the phone excellent cameras, 4K at 60 both main and selfie.

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            • Anonymous
            • t7q
            • 03 Jun 2024

            Sinisterr06, 02 Apr 2024Recently bought this phone. One thing I don't understa... moretry to adjust the display time that would help

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              • Imthatguy
              • Emn
              • 27 May 2024

              Wolves, 16 Jan 2024Infinix is gradually becoming a beast this phone is top not... moreThey have a new GT20 Pro, you can try that instead

                • I
                • Imthatguy
                • Emn
                • 27 May 2024

                TW13, 14 Feb 2024Is it just me, or the video is very shaky and grainy? Was n... moremake sure to click the "4k/60FPS" to use the feature, it's 1080P at default I think.

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                  • LJ
                  • t7C
                  • 26 May 2024

                  For its price? Amazing.

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                    • Zero 30 5G user
                    • Q6I
                    • 18 May 2024

                    I have been using this phone for almost 6 months great gaming, sound, screen, cameras, and battery, no ads or issues, only down back is lack of IP 68 (only IP 53) and lack of 3.5 audio jack and no place for MicorSD card, all but 3.5 are forgiveable to some extent, gets a little heated (like all phones I used including top Samsung phones in the past), and also the only 2 years of OS updates, I have one question for those who can confirm, when will it get the Android 14 update? I researched online but to no avail up till now, I hope a GSM arena Editor can answer this or at least users of thus site... oh and I got it for around 280 USD 6 months ago.. I think its price has fallen since then even more, I got the 256 storage and 12 GB ram (plus 9 up to 21gb ram effective) 108 mp main camera and both fron and back cameras with 4K 60 FPS...

                      Atiq, 16 Apr 2024Is there any solution to heating problem Infinix zero 30 4G... moreNo heat.

                        O.G, 10 May 2024to stop ads from accessing your phone, go to settings... Cl... moreI'd rather not have ads to begin with.

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                          • O.G
                          • Nue
                          • 10 May 2024

                          DarlingYext, 14 Apr 2024Bugs and ads lmaoto stop ads from accessing your phone, go to settings... Click on private DNS and input this👉👉 and save.

                          You'll never see no ads anymore.

                            • R
                            • Russ
                            • UD{
                            • 25 Apr 2024

                            Is this on android 14 now?

                              • A
                              • Atiq
                              • uW8
                              • 16 Apr 2024

                              Is there any solution to heating problem Infinix zero 30 4G?? Phone gets heated on little extra use.

                                • J
                                • JEZZY MEN
                                • 7XY
                                • 15 Apr 2024

                                Guys how about the amoled burn is it a problem?

                                  Sjiseued, 13 Apr 2024A nice all rounder phone from infinix, probably the best al... moreThis phone is better in more important aspects, than the Redmi Note 13 Pro+, like chipset and cameras, while the Redmi has a brighter, higher resolution display and faster charging. Plus the Zero 30 has 144hz instead of 120hz, but that's not so important.


                                    Genos, 13 Apr 2024Android 17 with bugs. Xiaomi as usual.Bugs and ads lmao

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                                      • Genos
                                      • I@a
                                      • 13 Apr 2024

                                      Sjiseued, 13 Apr 2024But one thing holding me back from buying this phone is the... moreAndroid 17 with bugs. Xiaomi as usual.

                                        • S
                                        • Sjiseued
                                        • Kxd
                                        • 13 Apr 2024

                                        But one thing holding me back from buying this phone is the fact that infinix promised only 2 years of major update and this phone is released in Android 13, so it'll only get up to Android 15, while poco x6 pro will probably be able to taste Android 17