Infinix Zero 5

Infinix Zero 5

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  • 3lorm

pls is this phone compatible with 'type C to HDMI' converter. i actually want to connect it to my tv via HDMI. thanks

  • Hasnain

Plz update Oreo. 8

  • aqii

i am using this
good and very smooth but 1 problem incomming call voice very slow
spare parts not available in market

Can this play ark survival evolved ? reply me plss if it can play cause i didnt buy this yet for my son

  • Mark

Can it play ark survival evolved ? reply plss

i love this phone, only problem is old OS that makes me sick.. if they update to android 8, will be super..

  • Anonymous

mr. joe, 05 Mar 2019i own this infinix zero 5. nice rear camera got wide and bright ... moreYou're making a bad comparison. It seems you haven't used both phones throughly yet.

Nokia 7 Plus has much more powerful chipset, that can handle PUBG on HD graphics without a problem.
Infinix Zero 5 chipset is about as strong as Snapdragon 630 - it can only handle PUBG on low graphics but with minor hiccups. I recommend minimum of SD 636 or equivalent for heavy gaming on low graphics.

I'm impressed Infinix Zero 5 has telephoto in this price range. Nokia 7 Plus camera is capable of capturing much better details with f/1.8, especially in low light. It has 1.4um which means it is capable of capturing more light than 98% of the phones in its price range - if not 100%, thus bright pictures in low light.

Nokia 7 Plus selfie camera takes one of the best portraits I've seen because its edge detection is excellent. I don't know any other phone that gets it that perfect in its price range. It has 1um which is acceptable and better than many other phones selfie camera for low light selfies.

Nokia 7 Plus also offers NFC, faster battery charging, 4K video recording and Eis for video stabilisation which does a pretty good job as well.

  • Joel

Stop confusing yourself. Infinix and tecno don't have flagship. They're all midrange. Till date they still haven't produce a quality phone that beats galaxy s7. Yet u think they have flagship. Lol

  • Anonymous

It's somehow but the android version is very bad for a phone with this qualities.

  • mr. joe

i own this infinix zero 5. nice rear camera got wide and bright screen although the os still naugat... this phone can take pictures even in against the light that nokia 7 plus cant.

just baught nokia 7 plus the other day because is very cheap 19,990php down to 11,990php. but really disappointed with... screen is dim, camera not wide although camera is good. what i like about nokia 7 plus is the durability, classy...really feels premium.

  • Tamer

I never seen Flagship mobile still running with Android 7 in 2109

  • Anonymous

Very useless company update for low budget phone but no update for your so call flagship is this the way to attract customers very dumb move

  • Anonymous

do u know that their flagship zero 5 is still on old Android version 7.0

2018 what month???

  • Crad

Mimank, 30 Nov 2018I'm using it since 9 months since launched in Indonesia , (+) Be... moreYet no android update

It's not a worldwide release this phone

  • Mimank

I'm using it since 9 months since launched in Indonesia , (+) Best Budget All Arround smartphone, Good Battery Life, Average to Good camera performance on its price range but somehow i got best picts in several moments/view base on some tricks or angle taking picture ,True Clear selfie camera, Fast Charging is GREAT,
Unique colour on Red variant (Mine is Bordouxe Red) (-)Mono loud speaker