Infographic: The Path to Google Pixels

10 October 2018

No, this isnít the next edition of Counterclockwise, but it may as well be. Yesterday we saw the introduction of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and their price may have brought you back to the time when cheap but powerful Nexus phones were available.

Of course Androidís 10 year long history didnít start with the Nexus. The infographic below (created by Hometop) is a timeline of the best Google phones. Did you know that the Nexus S was the first smartphone certified by NASA to go on the International Space Station? And it wasnít the last Google phone to go to the final frontier. That and more interesting tidbits of Google phone history await below.

Infographic: The Path to Pixels

PS. Starting with the Galaxy Nexus all Nexus and Pixel phones have been using fish-based code names. How many of these species do you recognize without checking Wikipedia?