Innostream INNO 110

Innostream INNO 110

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  • esther

how 2 use the FM radio funtion only?

  • anne

love the design, and it can accept all kind of tones-monophonic, polyphonic and true tunes. i know coz i downloaded all 3 kinds of tones. it has FM radio function, but how to turn it on?


how to use the FM radio unction only

  • Sa

this phone looks nice and lovely....i just bought this phone about less than a week....but...there's some problem...which i dunno wad problem is that....-.-...i shouldn't buy this phone...

  • pan

i just get myself one. i wonder how the FM radio works too?
Any ideas?

  • david

how to use FM radio?

  • Sazan

bought this phone a year ago in China, the phone made a very good firstimpression. It was lovely designed.handy features. after 6 months the phone stops ringing and has never rung since. the sound was somehow broken. now i think about it, i shouldn't have bought this phone. enjoying only 6 months sound isn't worth that much money of mine

  • Chic

is this phone available in the klang valley?

  • me

this looks a nice fone. any1 out there got it?