Innostream INNO 120

Innostream INNO 120

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  • alli

its a very good looking phone and very well designed

  • koh

No camera,bluetooth,infared red.

  • Farhat

**free ringtones for inno users**

i see that inno users are strugling to find and download ringtones. well theres this site where you could download free cool ringers onto your inno via wap. its free!!! i use it everytime!!!

you could search ringtones first on your computer at:

or go and download immediately via your phone through wap:

(if this doesnt work, theres a fuller version in the site link)

remember to save it onto your bookmark!!!

***activate gprs before use***

  • Anonymous

lol, wat a old boring phone!

  • Anonymous

just cut the antenna it will be the best designe of the world