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Innostream INNO 30

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  • C
  • Caren
  • fuT
  • 18 Apr 2012

My battery got damaged and I don't know how to find another one. It was a good phone I still like it and contains information which I need.

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • fuT
    • 18 Apr 2012

    where can I get a new battery?

      • E
      • Eva
      • Qh4
      • 12 Aug 2006

      Hey my phone has the same problem.. The problem is that the wire of the screen is wasted and so youhave to buy a new one... not easy to find.. so better if you buy a new phone.. Sorry..

        • M
        • MunKYBoii
        • DDB
        • 27 Jun 2006

        it just blanked out on me. the main screen is blank and the sub screen is black. someone .. help?!

          • r
          • rickyrudy
          • PYM
          • 19 May 2006

          i would like to get a servicing software for my inno30 please if someone has it can you share because my phone has frozen

            • A
            • AiAi
            • ib2
            • 18 May 2006

            I have a red color Inno 30, just bought April last year. I like the color very much. But I have been sending it for repair for 4 times within a year!
            1st time: phone hanged when I took picture and I cannot open all folders.
            2nd time: southall upgraded software. Right after a day, it hanged and kept saying memory full. I didn't store anything in it at all.
            3rd time: big and small screens all blackout
            4th time: buttons not sensitive. small screen got problem again.

            hmmm... i personally think that innostream should improve its phone, or else InnoStream will becomes "Ignore_n_scream"

              • J
              • JP
              • TSR
              • 11 May 2006

              Worst in quality,
              Worst in design,
              Never buy Innostream Phone (or any phone by Southall),
              Or Forever You'll regret!!

                • b
                • butterfly
                • mA{
                • 07 Mar 2006

                Hi, i need phone has somethin' it doesn't display anything i don't know what should i do HELP ME PLEASE

                  • r
                  • rachel
                  • Utk
                  • 05 Mar 2006

                  ok, i've used this phone for 4 months now. When i used the the first 2 months it was great and all. But when it was 4 months old, the screen turned white. Whenever my friend want to use my cell to call, it turns white and couldnt use it unless i turn it on again. this have been the worst phone i've ever used. its been repaired for three times now, and it still useless. i've decided to throw that phone away and buy a new nokia cell.

                    • L
                    • LieLie
                    • 4f9
                    • 26 Aug 2005

                    Does anyone know where I can find the program software for my Innostream 55 so I can upload my pics. onto my comp?

                      • V
                      • Vince
                      • mwD
                      • 21 Aug 2005

                      I am perhaps unlucky but mine INNO 30 is very very bad. It turns in secret mode and then it is impossible to return in normal mode.
                      Noboddy can hear me when I use it !
                      It has already been repaired 2 times, but the same problem occurs again.
                      Please tell me if one of you has encountered the same problems with this mobile ?
                      My advice: Never bought it elsewhere you'll lost your zen attitude ...

                        • b
                        • butter
                        • PTF
                        • 09 Aug 2005

                        i jz brought tis hp for 1 weks...realy not bad..the sound and pic can b download even tat no have infra or bluetooth but stil got cable to transfer it..the most valuable is tat stil got mp3 inside to put as ringtone..the price is quite reasonable lor..i very satisfy coz the function inside are very suit to me like the memo, alarm, diary and password protected lady schedule wo..looks very niz and suit for galz ya...

                          • B
                          • Beb
                          • I7Z
                          • 19 Jul 2005

                          Is it normal if I don't hear anything (no sound) when I use camera and use lecture.
                          Please help me because my phone is under warranty. Can I return it to repair ?

                            • W
                            • Wil
                            • TST
                            • 15 Jul 2005

                            Sorry for late reply.
                            I just when in to Innostream website and the software is still there.

                            1)login to
                            2)Goto : Support - Download center
                            3)Select Pc-Sync
                            - it will display 3 model of phone. Please use the INNO 90 cause is compatible for INNO 90/99/30/55.

                              • s
                              • sam
                              • Sby
                              • 08 Jul 2005

                              this phone is a very bad copy of the samsung e600

                                • m
                                • michiyo
                                • TST
                                • 08 Jul 2005

                                Hi I am a new user to INNO 30. Do you know where I can get a software other than PCSync that can backup my phonebook and stuffs? The PCSync that comes with the cable is only for pictures and ringtones.

                                Please advice. Thanks!

                                  • l
                                  • lex
                                  • TST
                                  • 15 Jun 2005

                                  wil, how i going to pass u my email.?

                                    • S
                                    • Sebangu
                                    • SjJ
                                    • 13 Jun 2005

                                    Hi, Wil... Could you send it to me at ? My Hotmail account doesn't support files larger thant 10Mo but you can easily "split" it using Xtremsplit : You will find it on
                                    I hope you'll do it. Thank you so much...

                                      • w
                                      • wil
                                      • TST
                                      • 13 Jun 2005

                                      I hav a copy of the software. Can i hav your email address. The file is more than 10MB. Make sure your email can support it.

                                        • l
                                        • lex
                                        • TST
                                        • 03 Jun 2005

                                        can some tell me where can i download inno30 pcsync pls...
                                        i try to connect to, but the software is no longer there.