Innostream INNO 55

Innostream INNO 55

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  • de inno is tootoo ba

it is mess and lilopopman said that, don't buy that phone it is like the most syupid phone ever, u gonna be tripping on wires cause it is not wireless, u understand me ok

  • steven

I bought it too in thailand. it work fine in english in thailand but wen i put in from my sim from country i couldnt change it anymore

  • Cabrio01

donīt buy the INNO 55 in Thailand! This phones for Thailand market have a special software for promotion, where the language can not change with foreign(not Thai) Simcard. The only change is to change the complete Firmware of the phone. But Innostream donīt do that.
Just buy the phone in Hongkong, it more expensive, but it works.

  • Anonymous

$330 wat currency

  • tian wang

i am currently selling this phone in my store for around $330 plus tax, email me if you want.

  • sarah

anyone know where/how to get ringtones for the 55

  • Caz

To change the language to English: Go into the menu, Choose Phone Setting (which is the top right icon on the screen) and choose no. 2 which is language. There you can change it from Thai (i presume) to English.

  • laetitia

i bought this mobile in thailand and i'd like to change the langage. Somebody can help me please?

  • Duron

Some one know how MB of memory it have. Can we use MMC Card?

  • will

is this a good phone? worth it to buy? or should i wait for samsung P735

  • Gouk


i bought inno55 in thailand too, and cant change language into english..
someone can help ??


  • shadyhamd

i buy Innostream inno 55 from thailand with the cable link data and the problem is that i am in israel and i cant use the phone whis english languch when i put israile SIM CARD !!!
what can is do?
i need some software thst i can connect the phone and change the languch to english in my self !!

  • |DMH

Great but expensive

  • ian lim

After a few weeks of using, it seems that the reception is much stronger than Samsung's.

  • Moka

I must say the the screen color is so wonderful and amazing we have to admit that its screen is cery colorful and shiny but the functions, however, are not so sophicated well so it depends

  • Anonymous

to who own one of these:
does the infrared allow u to transfer files to other phones like SE?

  • ah pek

As i know, the price for this inno 55 is about RM1599->RM1699. I love this inno 55 as well. But i read some megazine states that this inno55 is target for female user because there is one function specially designed for women. Is it weird if male use a female mobile phone? pls comment ...

  • Ian Lim

Overall feel and performance is 8/10. A few things though...the plastic cover is smooth and thus reduces the friction needed to slide the phone. It would be good if the plastic is similar to those of Samsung( matt finish ).The antenna is too long for a short phone like this. If it is a loop antenna, it would be perfect. There should be a premium model with alum/titanium or carbon-fibre casing for those business executives...this current model is targeted more at the youth and ladies, not to mention the GUI, which is definitely not for the more "serious" types.

  • Locazx

Hi i am in Australia and i am a seller of inno mobile phones anyone wanting to buy inno 90, inno 99, inno 70, inno 55 please email me at for prices thanx :)

  • Vivian

Hi! I'm planning to buy Innostream mobile phone recently, but now, I'm having a trouble, cause I'm not sure whether to buy Inno 90 or Inno 55. Inno 55 seems cool. I did heard bad comments on Inno 55 but have also heard good comments about it. So just wondering which phone I should buy. Can anyone help me in that? Thanks.