Innostream INNO 79

Innostream INNO 79

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  • toan`

what is enter lock code ?


how i want to activated my GpRS using this INNO 79. Thanks..this fone so amazing

  • slimberry

where is the camera??

  • Mr. Dao

I have bought an Inno 79. It's wonderful. But I want to find software to link the phone with a computer. How can I download PC suite for Inno 79. And where can I buy cable for Inno in Vietnam

  • Anonymous

the default security code is 0000

  • Shirlyne

I accidently locked my phone (pressed button on bottom right hand side) and its asking for a security code. Does anyone know what the security code is? Help!

  • Sy Truong


its the best phone that I ever had !!!

  • ronald

where can i buy this phone in malaysia

  • Jason

Hi !
I can't find out the suitable cable for Inno 79 in Malaysia.
who can help me, please send me an info. Thanks