Innostream INNO 80

Innostream INNO 80

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  • r
  • rosina
  • NaS
  • 30 Oct 2007

i've using inno 80 for sometime went off and was not able to switch it on again.i send it for repair but none of the repairers in my country(Ghana) has been able to do it.any help from u

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • 2Zf
    • 20 Sep 2006

    gandu phone

      • b
      • brittney
      • iBt
      • 02 May 2006

      one word: burrrrrrrrrrrrrried.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • 42}
        • 22 Mar 2005

        very very bad standby tym for the batt.

          • u
          • usher
          • U3%
          • 11 Mar 2005

          i got the phone .but i want to change the welocming picture vedio..after i turned the mobile on there is a video to change that ?

            • j
            • justin
            • Yad
            • 26 Feb 2005

            Where can I obtain this phone in US? It has been waited for ages!!!please, tell me

              • e
              • eddie
              • j8I
              • 31 Jan 2005

              i bought the phone here in the US, NYC to be exact. Love it

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 18 Oct 2004

                the pc sync only can download pictures and ringtones;who have a advanced type can download java ?if u have,please sent it to me,so thanks.
                my email:

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 20 Aug 2004

                  i got inno 80 also, great fone.. but i was wondering how come i cant lower da fone volume of da fone ... lyk theres onlie silent but den yea plz help

                    • l
                    • ling
                    • 08 Aug 2004

                    i was wondering... which phone would be better to go for? inno 80 or inno 89?! which one is newer?! i supposed inno 80 has better features right?! sigh... i have really no idea.

                      • L
                      • Lloyd
                      • 17 Jul 2004

                      How many pixels is the camera on the inno 80, anyone know?

                        • S
                        • Suie
                        • 08 Jul 2004

                        does anyone know where to download mp3 ringtones for inno89? please tell me !! =D

                          • j
                          • joey
                          • 30 Jun 2004

                          Nesha you can buy this for in USA from

                            • j
                            • joey
                            • 30 Jun 2004

                            hows the camera on this phone

                              • j
                              • jonny
                              • 29 Jun 2004

                              this phone look very good

                                • N
                                • Nesha
                                • 13 Apr 2004

                                Wow, this phone looks very elegant & sleek. Too bad we'll never see it in America...

                                  • F
                                  • Farhat
                                  • 10 Apr 2004

                                  **free ringtones for inno users**

                                  i see that inno users are strugling to find and download ringtones. well theres this site where you could download free cool ringers onto your inno via wap. its free!!! i use it everytime!!!

                                  you could search ringtones first on your computer at:


                                  or go and download immediately via your phone through wap:


                                  (if this doesnt work, theres a fuller version in the site link)

                                  remember to save it onto your bookmark!!!

                                  ***activate gprs before use***

                                    • z
                                    • zoey
                                    • 30 Mar 2004

                                    anyone seen the inno89 fone??! anyone noes where i can buy it? i cant find it ANYWHERE! even inno80 i can't find it. how much did u guyz buy it for?

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 25 Mar 2004

                                      could someone tell me whether this phone is available in Malaysia?! & if it is, where i can find it....

                                        • I
                                        • Inno Crazy
                                        • 07 Mar 2004

                                        My phone finally arrived! One good thing about new or less established phone makers is that they are forced to give consumers more value for money when putting out products. This is an excellent phone - superb build, vibrantly clear screens (external and internal), loud and crisp ringtones, fast and user-friendly U/I and sleek good looks. There are also tons of options to tweak the settings and look of the U/I, plus ability to download more Java games AND MP3 ringtones! This will be one phone I will be using for quite a while unless it turns out to have stability issues. I give this a 9.5/10!