Innostream INNO A20

Innostream INNO A20

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  • AnonD-716026

It's been 13 years since Innostream made a phone

  • Anonymous

from where can i buy this phone

  • penseanven

sir/madam, i just wanna ask, how can i or how to reformat my mobile fon innostream?

  • mark

[deleted post]yes you can even insert 2gb memory card cause i even tried to insert a 2gb mmc card

  • dee

I cant make any calls from this phone. It keeps on saying no service & emergency only on the main screen. Can you please help me?

  • vedanakiran

this phone is realy great.the problem is i can't use gprs service here in malaysia.i am using maxis prepaid.can i insert a 512mb mmc in to this phone?

  • Anonymous

The U.S. Customer Service for inno phones--1.866.438.4666..they fix and repair!!!!!

  • nina

my cell is like that one one day its being hang up and then all my settings reformat nvram read error has been in my cellphone and the gprs i cant use it wat happened please how can i solve my problem when im inserting my mmc i can use it

  • sani zamau

every thing about INNO A20 is good, but my problem is like that of john, in fact iam not using it cause my battery was dead, and in northern parts of nigeria we are do not have its spare parts. pls. do some thing about this. and bring much of your products.

  • John

What happend to Innostream?

  • sagar sherstha

i am using this product since 8 month i got everything fine and superb but only thing is that battries not a durable if can make mare durable it will be better.

  • anxongjong

Dear all

Ha ha ha...

Innostream is official closed. Farewell.

  • Anonymous

Is the design like this or the phone is broken???

  • Kishor Maharjan

I'm using Inno a20 Mobile form 1 Years. It works perfect but now days it occars problem. So please help me

When i open phone book it become hang. Other are perfect so please help me how to solve that problem

  • Anonymous


  • bao

Nothing to be shocked about. They are bankrupted, and wont make any new phones.

  • Greece

I am shock to find out that Innostream still exist and sales mobiles!!! They should consider closing down the company and may be start manufacturing cars.....they will have more chance to make it.

Their local representatives are also a joke.

  • Sharkz

Hi all,

I've been using this phone for the past one and a half years, and I still think that it is worth every cent I paid for it. The mp3 player is still marvelous, noneed for me to use headphones while working. The sound is still crytal clear. The camera is still handy, i could snap pics and video with ease. Not the best of quality but still adequate. I've dropped it a dozen of times but the shell is still though. Just a few scrathes here and there. They said that the flip would get loose, but still mine is holding firm.

For you guys who wanted to transfer loads of mp3 file. It's better to use a memory card reader. If you hook it up to the PC using usd cable for a hour definately it will be cranky after that. My old samsung faces the same problem.

In short, after such a long time using it in the fast paced world of handphones, I'm still proud of owning A20. People still curious and ask me about it's feature. I'm yet to meet anyone else using the phone. Certainly makes me feel one of a kind...

  • H@ckerz

By the way... the files located at File Manager/System/Download/Contents (mflash/video). TQ

  • H@ckerz

Hi guys.. on behalf of my friend (he is not internet savvy)... i would like to ask if anybody have problem deleting files from internet download folder (it's in the phone,not SIM card). I couldn't find any option to delete those files. I tried to sync the phone to delete from PC but to no avail. Anyone?? TQ