Instagram gets Superzoom for dramatic close-up videos, Halloween face filters and stickers

Vlad, 26 October 2017

Instagram is adding two new features today, available as part of the app's version 20 which should already be up for grabs in the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

Superzoom is a new function that will automagically create a dramatic close-up video once you activate it. The video will even have a "suspenseful" soundtrack to really drive the dramatism point home.

The Superzoom option is next to Boomerang in the Instagram camera. You can make a Superzoom of anything - people, animals, or even objects. The videos can then be sent through Instagram Direct or added to your story for that day.

The inevitable Halloween packs of face filters and stickers are now in too, available through November 1 only though (not surprisingly). So you can instantly get into the Halloween spirit by turning yourself into a zombie, vampire, flying bat, that sort of silliness. Oh, and there's mysterious fog too, by the way.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

for availablility of all functions, please downgrade your android software. Thank you

  • Tomato

Why my sony xperia xz premium don't have superzoom, rewind and stop motion in instagram? My android version is 8.0