Instagram videos are now 60 seconds long

Vlad, 29 March, 2016

Instagram has let you upload videos ever since 2013, but up until today the maximum length for the clips has been 15 seconds. That's more than Vine's famous six-second rule, but apparently wasn't enough.

The video length for Instagram is going up to 60 seconds starting today. However, the huge caveat here is that the rollout of this extension will be completed for everyone "in the coming months".

But wait, there's more! Instagram version 7.19 for iOS will be out in the iTunes App Store this week, and this iteration of the app brings back the ability to make videos out of multiple clips from your camera roll. There's no word yet on when a similar feature might make it to Android.

In the last six months, the amount of time people spent watching videos on Instagram went up by 40%, which is probably why the social network has decided to focus a bit more on moving images.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-320312

second copy of youtube after snapchat? just staph..

  • AnonD-458877

not cool man...not cool at all >:(

Oh my god! Thank you Instagram! Thank you so much. It has been hell to edit videos into 15seconds only. Now, I can put an entire video. Btw, I'm hearing complain from some people who had latest update. They said the log out button is missing. Hmm. An...