Intel outlines wireless strategy

26 Feb, 2004
Intel will this week announce designs for future mobile phones and key deals with big network operators and manufacturers in Europe and Taiwan, as it aims to unite the mobile industry with computer economics. "To think that phones are not subject to the laws of silicon is naive. They are just small computers," Otellini told Reuters in an interview ahead of his speech at the 3GSM World Congress.

Otellini said Intel was in talks with all of the world's top ten mobile phone makers on using its chips in future handsets. Motorola and Samsung are the only ones selling a small number of phones using Intel chips. In private meetings in Cannes, Intel is showing off designs for two generations of phones, one aimed to go on sale this year, and a second one that will go on the market in 2005, Otellini said. Intel officials said the company plans to differentiate its phones by embedding technology that has shipped in its computer chips for much of the last decade, which will make it far simpler to move computer data back and forth to mobile phones.

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Would have been a good ideea i think

Well to bad their Abandoned their ideas, could be now the king of mobile market buy know. It's so fun to read this old news

  • Sangam

I`m the first comment ever

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