Intel shares specs of top Arc GPU - 175W TDP, up to 2250 MHz clock speed

Ivan, 04 April 2022

Intel has accidentally (or not?) shared parts of the specs of its upcoming highest-end Arc GPU for desktop.

The specs appear at the 29-second mark of a promo video for Intel Arc Control - Intel's GPU monitoring app (similar to NVIDIA GeForce Experience), where users will be able to download drivers, get a detailed breakdown of performance, and set parameters of the Arc GPUs.

The 1-second snippet gives the parameters of an as of yet unannounced GPU, which at 99.57% utilization packs 175W of power with a GPU clock speed of 2250 MHz and a VRAM clock speed of 1093 MHz.

The 175W TDP is only the GPU power, and not the full board power, which means this is likely a 200W card. The clock speed would align with about 17.5 Gpbs of bandwidth, which equals about 560 GB/s of throughput.

This will be very much a high-end GPU, in line with AMD's RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA's RTX 3070.

Intel shares specs of top Arc GPU - 175W, up to 2250 MHz

Intel could launch its Arc line of desktop GPUs soon - perhaps as soon as May or June. They're touted as having full AV1 encoding and decoding, which many creators will appreciate. AV1 is a direct competitor to HEVC - Intel claims AV1 is 20% more efficient at the same bit rate, and 50% more efficient than h.264.

The ARC GPUs feature interesting tech like XeSS - Intel's image upscaling algorithm, a new media engine, and XMX AI acceleration.

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Oh cool! even better~

These will be comparable to RTX 3060 or 3060ti not GTX1070.

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