Interbrand: Apple is the most valuable brand, Google drops out of top 3

Ro, 21 October 2020

Interbrand's new ranking of the most valuable brands in the world just got out and we have a change in the top 3 positions. According to the Best Global Brands 2020 ranking, the most valuable brand remains Apple with an estimated value of almost $323 billion while the second and third positions are taken by Amazon and Microsoft respectively.

Interbrand: Most valuable brands right now are Apple, Amazon and Microsoft

Google is down two spots compared to last year with a value of a little over $165 billion and recorded decrease of 1%. Microsoft on the other hand posted an impressive 53% growth and at $166 billion overtook it. Amazon has also moved up to second place with a value of $200 billion and outstanding 60% yearly growth.

Other notable tech brands in the rankings are Samsung in 5th place, Intel in 12th, Facebook in 13th and Instagram in 19th position.

Keep in mind that this is not what the company is worth, but just its brand For instance, the market value of Apple is just over $2 trillion as opposed to the brand value estimated by Interbrand at $323 billion.



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The most valuable brand gives the least valuable products.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

earth is dying,Climate Change and Global Warming are happening and apple will help earth becouse its most valuable brand hahaha ,its valuable on paper and u can wipe ass with that paper

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