International LG G2 won’t be getting Android KitKat this month

15 January, 2014

It turns out that the international version of the LG G2 might not be getting an update to Android 4.4 KitKat this month. In a new tweet, LG Mobile Saudi Arabia apologized for releasing wrong information earlier today.

Instead of Android 4.4 KitKat for the company’s smartphone flagship, LG Mobile Saudi Arabia announced that the popular Knock feature will make its way to the second generation of L Series smartphones. This is hardly a surprise as LG officially announced the upcoming feature late last month.

All in all, users of the international LG G2 will probably have to be a tad more patient before they get the KitKat treatment. In the meantime, this walkthrough video of Android 4.4 on LG G2 should give them a taste of what’s coming.



Reader comments

  • TheReal

no worries or hurries as long as this is delievered in its completeness and not be a half assed update which would need to be fixed with a following update!

  • Anonymous

I agree with you. Im happy too. Even xperia Z1 has not yet update to kitkat. Sony is sinking in AMERICA no one buys sony smartphone. Not even on top6 latest lists. LG is rising in America because of its great hardware and great qualit...

  • Anonymous

The update was recalled and fixed. There is always bugs though. However since they are skipping 4.3 and taking longer on 4.4 I would imagine the update should be good.

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