Intex Aqua 4G+

Intex Aqua 4G+

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  • tanu

pkp, 27 May 2017Does this phone support VolTE?Or

  • shanti Swaroop Saxen

I am using Intoxicated Aqua music phone since November,2016 now I am experiencing problem in phone's inbuilt battery as discharged at short intervals.Is facility to change this battery available at Intoxicated service centre

  • siva

purchased intex 4g mobile 2 months back , i think i have given donation to intex, its such worst, worst mobile, if company gives free also we should not take.intex mobile is very, very,very bad in all aspects

  • AnonD-696951

Wifi and bluetooth is not working in my intex aqua 4g+ does anybody faced this issue!!! Its not enabling only, please provide a solution for this problem and thanks in advance.

  • 9909

I am using Intex aqua star 4g from 15 months.. Initially, it was okay, but after 3-4 months it started to hang like mad ! I don't even perform a single heavy task on it still it sucks !! I have used 3 Intex phones and they all have similar problems.. For Heaven's sake, please do not buy ANY Intex mobile. And Of Course, camera quality really makes me cry !!!

  • Shinghaniya Shahab

Some fat looking mobile....
i like slim mobile.ram is good

  • Kiran

pkp, 27 May 2017Does this phone support VolTE?Soooooprb phone but I can't get the mashmello update

  • Umesh

Awesome device... works smoothly... can play game... but only problem is that you can't this device with AUX code with your car music player/stereo.

But overall superb device in this range. Good Camera... smooth functions.. no hanging problem..

  • pkp

Does this phone support VolTE?

  • Smartfone

I am using since 2year I had not faced any big has good Specs and the important thing is that it perform well.

  • rahul

AnonD-667084, 05 May 2017people, please do not buy intex mobiles or intex products.they a... moredude i am using this phone seen 2ears and i am not having any single problem

  • AnonD-667084

people, please do not buy intex mobiles or intex products.they are all cheaters.I myself had been intex distrubutor and reseller.please do not waste your harearned money on intex products.they all do not work more than few months.instead spend some more money and buy good mobiles.these intex people are great cheaters who eants to loot careful.blast these intex products and bury them.


Anonymous, 14 Jan 2017My maternal uncle gave this phone to me otherwise i would use a ... moreDude I can understand your rage I am also suffering after I bought Cloud Q11 4G of this crap company not. I have already enjoyed few trips to their equally crappy care centre then I decided to give them a thank you gift so I have complained to the consumer forum. This kind of companies should be banned from India.

  • Adi

Its a good mob at all...I am using it from last 13 months with no problems...but I am not getting its update for marshmallow...and this mob don't have call blocking inbuilt option... Otherwise good phone...

  • ravi

Worst phone

cons: battery, camera, wifi, bluetooth, .. etc

  • Arvind Jaiswal

This is the worst Phone. I have ever used. Accidentaly if phone fall down phone ringer will stop. I have used samsung, nokia, even local phone it never happens if phone fall down from your hand Ring Tone stops. If you go to Azad Pur Service Centre they will give you inappropriate reason. Please dont buy any Intex Phone ever. This is my last phone of Intex Brand.

  • Anonymous

My maternal uncle gave this phone to me otherwise i would use a hammer to break it to pieces and burn the remaining with gasoline. "Worst" is a small word to describe this phone's inefficiency. Speaker stopped working in 2 months for no apparent reason. Accelerometer stops working at regular intervals. The worst part is this incidence: I put a 4g sim on another phone and tried it and the speed was marvelous. When I connected "AQUA" to the net via hotspot, it gives the speed of 64kbps. Earlier it was working nicely with the hotspot, but all of a sudden it started to give very slow speed. I would recommend use the equivalent amount of money you would spend on this phone on firecrackers and enjoy few moments of fun rather than suffering with this piece of crap

  • Anshuman

It's a awesome phone, camera quality and battery backup is also good.

  • 1457

its very bad network buffering problem so many problem for this mob........,,,,

batary back low hitting problem so that means waste of many .so dont buy this phone.....its my free advice to all my friend......

  • Mampu

This phone is very good and it supports 4G network very nicely, and over-heating is not problem as it can happen in any new mobile for few days, but it gets stabilized later on don't worry for that