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  • prema

AnonD-313525, 21 Jul 2016Good phone for expert user (which are only 5%) Normal phon... morehow do you manage to do the setting.. plng to buy a smartphone - indian made.. need suggestion.


  • Dipznkar

I have been using Intex aqua slice 2 for 4 months what I learned from it is that Intex products use good hardware but their software is crappy, if they Dont know what they are doing I am fine with stock android, but scroll Dont work when it should(it works but very difficult to control), I cannot SST network to 3gonly mode, struggled to save a number and receive a call initially and lot of similar nonsense but the good thing is that it has not seen a service center yet,

  • Sanwar

I HV this phone still in warranty , 2 times get service but yet not working well , sons problems , changing problem
Not solved , what to do

  • Lokesh

I got this phone in jan 2015. it has been repaired may be 15 times till today after 21 months. but still i like this only because its battery. even i have replaced battery once. it runs well if you know more than normal users. if you can manage it restart automatically sometimes. it is very good to use with launchers. default launcher is boring. in one sentence i can say... it is perfect phone with too many cons. :-P

But i love it :-)

  • AnonD-583099

i will suggest don't by any intex product...becoz not only their product is bad but their service is also worst.....i had taken star 2 16 gb had only 9 month to use in that 9 month i had submitted 6 times in service and every time phone is submitted for 15 days ....that means 15*6=90 means between 9 month the 90 days the cell phone is in service center and in service center also they take more than 2 hrs to check mobile then they say u have to submit ur phone for 15 days....for every minor mistake they take 15 days for service...what d hell is going on ...we had taken for cell phone for our use not for submitting to service center....if u dont have proper person to give service then is better to be close the service center or it best to close the manufacturing of such product....this is nothing to make a customer fool....becoz we don't hv any work else to do we just go to service center and waste our whole day in service center....jst fed up from intex..i'll suggest u don't ever dare to buy intex...

  • AnonD-313525

Good phone for expert user (which are only 5%)
Normal phone for lite user (which are 20%)
Worst phone for nornal user (which are 75%)

So only buy if you are a expert user like me .
My Modified intex aqua power-
1> It is not a simple aqua power
2>It contain ports libs app from samsung galaxy s and note series xperia z series htc lg lenova and soon , almost from all best phone . I have modified in all aspect .
3>When i use constant video playback on mxplayer and downloading at the same time without any rest it goes for 13 to 14 hour backup . which i have never seen on any phone i used in past . I have xperia j, xperia z , xperia z1 , samsung grand , samsung j5 (2016) . On normal use it goes on for ever for 6 to 7 days . About 8 % battery decrease in whole day if you use only phone call with both sim and 2 hour audio music.
4>I can bet video quality which dull on unmodified phone become crystal clear . If you watch same video on other phone they will not be that clear . Even mp4 video of 70 mb look clear like 700 mb mkv video
5>Even on reliance gsm i get net speed of 30 to 35 in day time. In airtel it 40 kbps. In 3g downloading speed goes upto 2 to 3 mbps.
6 >Even camera take decent piture like 13 mp.
7>smooth scroling with no lag
8>sound quality is of top quality

>If you are no expert user then it is the worst device.
>It will hang and freez
>Internet speed is 10 to 15 on gsm and 400 to 700 on 3g
>Even good video look like crap
>normal battery
>slow touch , some time even keyboard press differnt keys.
>sound quality is like cheap old days phone

Remember all root users are not expert .
You need to root your device and have to do lots of research.

As for me I can make any device to a super device .


I have purchased INTEX AQUA Power - II mobile on 24.04.2016 in "SRI MOBILES" Laxmi Nagar, Godavarikhani. Exactly after 20 days, set is switched off on its own and not getting switched ON.
The service man told it will be ready by 2 days. Now 20 days completed and problem not solved till today.
I am really feeling very bad about INTEX products. The quality and service is very poor.

  • Gaurav

Never Ever Buy this phone!!!!
even on charging mode, the battery drains and never gets charged beyond 50% and that too it takes a whole day.
you would literally suffer due to its battery problem.

  • Anonymous

I am using Aqua Power+, from last 8 months. But now it hangs again and again and after opened screen lock some apps interrupting and misbehave. I am totally harass with this phone. Farhaan Akhatar endorsed this phone about battery backup, but the truth is battery backup is same with other phones.

  • kevin

Adi, 12 Jan 2016I am trying to chage my lock screen wallpaper. Help me.Pls help me

  • Adi

I am trying to chage my lock screen wallpaper. Help me.

  • Vaheda


I am using intex aqua y+, i cant able to chnge my lock screen wallpaper
so, can u please help to this.
How can i chnge that??


so nice phone the phone is very advance technology

  • niky

I agree with Rajender. The legacy which the company hold in Computer is not seen in this segment. Farhan Akthar is endorsing a product which has no value. Service is very very poor and customer is treated a doormat. Go their service center and y...

  • sk vishwakarma amlai

my self is my intex we thene first use thene belev have a must digital life an aal indiaa comment

  • Anonymous

ok not bad

  • Rahul

I agree with Rajender.
The legacy which the company hold in Computer is not seen in this segment. Farhan Akthar is endorsing a product which has no value.
Service is very very poor and customer is treated a doormat. Go their service center and yo will find that everyone is howling ans shouting at the reps and customer is forced to visit the service center with new issues every time.

  • akash

intex's kitkat verson is bater than other kitkat verson

  • Anonymous

Pappu singh, 18 Aug 2015intex aqua power plus is better from it its ram is very poo... morei agree intex aqua power is is beteer than other kitkat verson

  • piyush

I also faced same hanging and freezing problem. I am using this phone from last 6 months. I am using solo launcher and swift key keyboard. Default keyboard is worst and default launcher is also worst. If I use default lock screen then there is no option to change its wallpaper. Not even on default launcher I can change the wallpaper of my home screen.

Any solution to these issues, please help. Phone is rooted and already did hard soft reset