Intex Aqua Power +

Intex Aqua Power +

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  • 16 Nov 2018

TJ, 09 Aug 2017The phone carges the charger as the percentage goes down af... moreIts true . iam also facing same problem

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    • krishna
    • 6iM
    • 12 Nov 2017

    this phone is worst.....
    no 4G other mobile we can convert them into 4g but this phone can't support
    what an idea sir G no 4G

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      • jack
      • rA%
      • 09 Nov 2017

      This phone battery problem and this 3g but phone 2g speed bad phone

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        • Anonymous
        • 2Tb
        • 08 Nov 2017

        Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017I have bought Intex Aqua PowerPlus 1yr back, After 10 month... moreI bought intex phone very bad condition battery not charging please replace battery


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          • Shanks
          • XNY
          • 10 Oct 2017

          I am not happy with my intex aqua shine 4g, though it has lots of features in it, it is still lacking up with lots of feature. It doesn't have fast charging, there is no fingerprint sencer though being good one in aqua. Doesn't has otg and also like other company phone it isn't getting upgraded to further version of Android. And the service, let it be.

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            • jirendra
            • rAh
            • 08 Oct 2017

            Intex power plus is 3g phone but it is not comfortable with 3g. I have 3 g sim I have always recharge 3g data but I have get a speed of 2g it is bad for internet

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              • TJ
              • X}D
              • 09 Aug 2017

              The phone carges the charger as the percentage goes down after connecting with charger. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                • Anonymous
                • 2@f
                • 20 Jun 2017

                Anonymous, 20 Feb 2017Sometime facing charging problem Allover it is a good phone All intex products are purchased from china . The company is a Indian Lala company , the company is looking for profits only with zero service

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                  • Anonymous
                  • fCT
                  • 24 Apr 2017

                  Intex aqua power 2 auto sim remove &auto in and then network full pulses again remove this

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                    • Aman Lal
                    • gNS
                    • 12 Apr 2017

                    AnonD-647277, 24 Feb 2017Its been 1 yr and 9 months since I bought this phone & ... moreYes sir you are very right this phone is so worst that I have promised my self not to buy any Intex mobiles now I will simply buy an iPhone but will never buy an Indian phone it has a very large battery charging problem I even thought of dashing this phone to the wall in some cases and

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                      • S sankaran K
                      • XR3
                      • 20 Mar 2017

                      I bought a Intex Aqua Super Cell phone in the month of October 2016. Now, touching its sixth month in my hand, its battery is totally weak. Even I can not use it for sending just one or two line messages, by the time, the battery goes below 15%. When I put it for charging, upto 35% it charge slowly, slowly. After completing 35% it suddenly jumps to 95% !... I am afraid to use this handset further more.. I don't know what should I do with this handset..

                      If anyone there with helping mind, please advise.

                      Thanks & Regards

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                        • mani
                        • X0C
                        • 19 Mar 2017

                        Anonymous, 27 Aug 2016Battery drops from 75% to 0 in 5 minsintex also super mobile..but charing problem is really one step to slove this problem....put off your sim cards and memery card to starting the charing in normally

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                          • Ramasamy s
                          • uv{
                          • 07 Mar 2017

                          intex aqua star 2 mobile very bad mobile, service very bad

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                            • AnonD-647277
                            • XP@
                            • 24 Feb 2017

                            Its been 1 yr and 9 months since I bought this phone & they must really give me a noble peace price for using it so long. I never rested in peace with this stupid phone since the moment I bought it. 9 months from my purchase, mobile won't charge. I just ran between my home and service center for weeks and weeks and finally I somehow started to manage with a USB wire. After 6 months of this incident, recently my phone started to self restart and show green and red screens instead of display. I want to bang this phone on to ground but its just the thought that I bought it for Rs.9000/- is stopping me from doing so. Please do not buy this phone. Its worse for showroom piece and for second hand, you better donate the money to an orphanage.

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                              • sunny
                              • vGS
                              • 21 Feb 2017

                              phone bought for my dad, now after 6 months start facing battery issues, intex service center says that i have to buy new battery worth 1000 rupees, the phone cost 8000 rupees, its a waste, also please do not put any banking apps on your phone as my dad's bank account was hacked, its a chinese phone and sends all information back to china for them to hack, never going to buy chinese intex even if i have to pay more for phone manufactured in other country except china.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • HsK
                                • 20 Feb 2017

                                Sometime facing charging problem
                                Allover it is a good phone

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                                  • antor bd
                                  • X{R
                                  • 10 Feb 2017

                                  I am from bd.....
                                  I bought this phone in high price....condition ok....but....facing charging problem

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                                    • antor
                                    • X{R
                                    • 10 Feb 2017

                                    T.neelakanta, 14 Dec 2016Charging prablamcharging problem

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • vQ$
                                      • 02 Feb 2017

                                      Anonymous, 13 Jan 2017I have bought Intex Aqua PowerPlus 1yr back, After 10 month... morei am also facing the same problem as you.. bt in my case my phone dosen't even show the same battery level for hours but also reduces the battery while it is being charged.. how is it possible that the battery is being reduced while plugged in to a charger ?

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                                        • pasha007
                                        • uCs
                                        • 26 Jan 2017

                                        very very worst phone which i ever seen....battery drains very speedly, touch problem, network problem,hanging problem etc. so pls dont buy dis phone and other products of intex...