Introducing search autocomplete: phone search made easier

04 January, 2011

We're happy to introduce a new enhancement to our phone search engine. The Quick phone search box is amazingly popular and it has just grown smarter. Thanks to the new Autocomplete, from now on it will be even faster and easier to find any phone you're looking for.

The Autocomplete can be a life-saver when searching. Not only can you enter your search string faster - but it can also help you see other popular phones or find a model number that you can't exactly remember.

The new Autocomplete feature works like most other similar systems (including Google's) - you just start typing and as you type you get a list of the most popular phones matching your query. You can click on a link with your mouse or use the keyboard (up/down/enter) to go directly to any of the phones in the list, skipping the search result page.

Of course, you can use the Quick search field as you did before, search result page and all. Type in something, hit Enter and your query will be sent as is. For example, you can enter "iphone" or "galaxy" to get a list of all iPhone and Galaxy versions. Note: if you have highlighted a phone with your keyboard and hit enter, that phone will be opened instead.

Not everyone remembers the phone's model numbers so to make things easier we've also added phone photos to the Autocomplete drop down. Type in the part of the model number you remember and highlight a phone in the drop-down with your mouse or keyboard to see a preview of the phone.

As always, we'll be glad to hear your comments on our new feature - suggestions for improvements, bugs (please include your browser info) or anything else you have to say about the Autocomplete feature. We're all ears!


Reader comments

  • AnonD-221170

Hi if no one minds, plz I'd like to know what "search engine" has been implemented in the gsmarena? I can understand technical terms... to let you know frankly, I'm gonna study on that & make a term project....

  • reJAM

Kudos to your team!!!

  • Alui

Why the results appear on the right and not below as one would expect? And why no Nexus S review yet?