iOS 12 is on 4 out of 5 mobile Apple devices

Ricky, 25 February 2019

Apple has updated its iOS statistic numbers as it does every couple of months or so on its App Store developer page. As of February 24, 83% of all iOS devices introduced in the past four years are running on iOS 12 or newer.

Meanwhile, 80% of all active iOS devices are running iOS 12 or later. In both charts, iOS 11 maks up 12% of users with the remaining piece of both pies making up iOS 10 and earlier.

As 9to5Mac notes, the last time Apple ran these statistics on January 1, 75% of all iOS devices were on version 12 with 78% of all devices released in the last four years on the same version.

That slight difference accounts for any users still operating old iOS devices that have reached the absolute last version that Apple pushed to that legacy handset.

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You have to buy used from eBay. This is 1st gen Pixel. In fact I bought a 32GB Pixel (~$50) and a 32GB Pixel XL (~$80) - both with tiny scratches on the screens.

  • Note9 User

That's a great deal, Amazon's lowest is $163.

I have owned the S4, S5 & S7. I still use my S7 for testing apps. The S7 will be my last from Samsung as I find their updates are not OK with me. I find that it's cheaper for me to buy used Google Pixel or budget China phones which come with mo...

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