iOS 13.2.2 update fixes background app management issue

Prasad, 08 November 2019

Apple has released iOS 13.2.2 for compatible iPhone and iPod touch devices. This is the latest update in a long string of updates for the operating system, which saw a less than spectacular launch last month and has since required constant patching to work normally.

iOS 13.2.2 change log iOS 13.2.2 change log
iOS 13.2.2 change log

The latest update at around 100MB is one of the smaller ones but does bring an important fix. A lot of users experiences apps frequently closing in the background immediately after they closed it or switched to another app ever since updating to iOS 13.2. This particular update specifically aims to fix that, so hopefully that won't be an issue anymore.

The update also fixes issues with mobile signal and data issues, which were also fairly common among users.

This is not an exhaustive fix for all the issues and there are several other issues still pending that are in active development on the beta channel. The good thing is that Apple seems to be aware of them and working on fixing them. The bad thing is that they still decided to ship this trainwreck last month on their new flagship device and have spent every day since fixing it.


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  • Anonymous

Nah. Man I have heard them complaining about small screens when everyone in Android world had bigger screens.I have heard them complaining about lack of fast charging when even budget devices on Android had fast charging while they had none. They are...

  • Anonymous

That and many things hold true from 2007 til date

  • puta

mannn.... did you time travel from 2014?

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