iOS 15.4 beta adds support for 120Hz refresh rate in all apps

Ro, 29 January 2022

Apple's latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max flaunt 120Hz ProMotion displays, but only a handful of apps support 120 frames per second. Mostly system apps at that. Well, with the upcoming iOS 15.4 software, Apple is finally adding support for all apps to make use of the buttery-smooth experience. It's worth noting that the iOS 15.4 is currently in beta.

For now, iOS 15.4 is still in beta and the information comes from a developer saying that he got the news from "someone at Apple". He posted a screenshot as proof.

It looks like Apple was able to squash the Core Animation bug that wouldn't allow animations to go beyond 60 fps. However, we can't confirm whether all apps will run at 120 fps automatically or some developers would need to tinker with the code of their apps as well.



Reader comments

Man you funny whpôe time. This was funny to read too. simply pointed out what Xiaomi actually said on the matter, which was completely different to the nonsense you were coming out with, even though you are now saying you agree with them '...

What are you going on about, this has nothing to do with what I think. You were the one saying it was possible to go 800 cycles on a lithium battery with no degradation whatsoever which is demonstrably incorrect, and outright physically impossi...

Man even if xiaomi said i can honestly agree they were right no matter what you think. 97% after 6 moths is still awesome for a heavy gamer.

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