iOS 9 running on iPhone 6 spotted in benchmark results

28 January, 2015

Apple typically announces new iOS versions at the WWDC, which is scheduled for June every year. While there's about four months to go, the first benchmark coming from an iOS 9 running on an iPhone 6 have hit the Basemark OS II database.

Performance seems to be on par, except for the web score. Keep in mind that WWDC is some time away and even when it comes Apple will release a version to developers only, the consumer update is even further out. So the numbers are likely to change until the new version hits users' iPhones.

iOS 8 iOS 9 Difference
Total 1620.94 Total 1600.06 -1%
Memory Group 2.0 942.79 Memory Group 2.0 948.44 1%
System Group 2.0 3107.1 System Group 2.0 3190.69 3%
Graphics Group 2.0 2348.77 Graphics Group 2.0 2327.42 -1%
Web Group 2.0 1088.54 Web Group 2.0 930.62 -17%

There's just the one result in the database for now and no score for Basemark X, the graphics benchmark. Anyway, the best changes about a new iOS version are typically new features, rather than increased performance.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Jealous of what exactly? At least Android adds new features. All you can expect with Apple is more bugs with slight gui changes. Oh and lose all of your storage in the process.

  • bugBOY

with ios you need to update your phone not for fix the bug but to get the bug..IOS logic compare with android..

  • AnonD-191017

Come on people! What is happening here?!! A war between Apple and Android?!! Each ecosystem has its own advantages and disadvantages and its better not to compare one another as Apple devices and Android devices are two ends of a string. Andro...

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