iPhone 13 mini prototype photographed, the two cameras are now laid out diagonally

Peter, 22 April 2021

Last week we saw renders of the iPhone 13 mini, which showed a slightly redesigned camera with the two lenses in a diagonal arrangement instead of one over the other. The latest leak, a hands-on photo of a prototype mini, shows just that same design and lends credibility to the renders.

Note that this is just a prototype – Apple is months away from starting mass production of the 13-series, so the design is not set in stone. If Cupertino does settle on this design, it will most likely be carried over to the larger iPhone 13 as well.

Hands-on photo of an iPhone 13 mini prototype
Hands-on photo of an iPhone 13 mini prototype

This can be seen in the CAD-based renders by xleaks7 and Pigtou, also from last week. The two Pro models will probably remain unchanged, however, as they have to fit three cameras in their square (plus LiDAR). Everything Apple Pro EAP has made a video about the iPhone 13 mini and Pro Max design and even 3D printed dummies.

Anyway, the reason for the new layout may be to fit a larger sensor. And by the sound of it, the camera bumps on the entire 13-series will get thicker.

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  • Anonymous

y r u all fighting over apple & android. It's a iPhone 13 leak, not a battlefield!

  • Anonymous

who said the iphone 12 is 12 months old ?

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