iPhone 3GS price gets cut to $97 at Wal-Mart, down from $199

25 May, 2010

A new iPhone, a new price cut. Sure, the iPhone 4G/HD isn't official yet but pretty much everything there is to know about it has leaked. Anyway, Wal-Mart is cutting the price of the iPhone 3GS down to 97 US dollars.

A price cut just before the launch of a new iPhone is not unusual - the current "old" iPhone, the iPhone 3G with 8GB memory goes for 99 dollars (the 3GS was going for 199 dollars). Now, Wal-Mart is retiring the 3G as the iPhone 3GS is about to become the "old" iPhone.

Steve Jobs himself is giving a keynote in the beginning of June without a doubt announcing` iPhone 4G (or HD if that's what they are going for). However, because of all the leaks people pretty much know what to expect from the new generation Apple smartphone.

Anyone not terribly excited about the new features that the iPhone 4G will bring will surely be tempted to snatch an iPhone 3GS at a more affordable price point. The 99 US dollar offer by Walmart features the 16GB built-in memory, but also a catch - a 2 year contract with AT&T.

Still, instead of buying off the leftover iPhone 3GS stock, it'd probably be better to wait a few weeks more and then make the decision. The iPhone 4G will have some pretty sweet features, like a higher-res screen and quite possibly 720p video recording.

Still Walmart already has theirs on sale right now.


Reader comments

  • JJ

eliminate the 2 year locked in requirement,(contract) then I might get one.

  • Anonymous

how to activate cellular data of 3gs ???

  • curry61

the iphones are much better than htc face it

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