iPhone 4G caught in the wild, is thicker than 3G and edgier

18 April, 2010

Apparently if you donít watch your feet when walking around the bars in San Jose you might stumble into an iPhone 4G (or is that iPhone HD?) laying on the ground. Or at least thatís what the guy who posted the live photos of the device wants us to believe.

The story goes on to tell that the prototype device was found inside an iPhone 3G box. According to the source itís so early in its development that it even fails to boot so details about it are scarce.

Apple iPhone 4G Apple iPhone 4G Apple iPhone 4G
Apple iPhone 4G

The quoted specs include a front-facing camera and 80 GB worth of storage space. Now how exactly did he find that out if the device doesnít power on is a mystery but letís just pretend we didnít notice and play along here.

The announcement of the 4th generation of the Apple mobile phone is coming in a couple of months time so then we will find out if this was a real prototype or a fan-made mock-up.

Update: Actually, the truth about this iPhone 4G wannabe surfaced much much earlier than that. The device turned out to be a Japanese knock-off that some fraudsters were trying to sell to publications for 10 000 US dollars. We told you there was something wrong here.