iPhone 8 back leaks in Foxconn videos

Ivan, 14 August 2017

Two new videos have surfaced showing what looks like the iPhone 8 being assembled in a Foxconn plant.

The videos are of very poor quality and don't really show much of the upcoming phone. Even the back shell isn't clearly visible.

We are still over a month away from the announcement but we already know a few interesting bits about the iPhone 8. Rumors have it he 8 will launch with a new design alongside a slightly refreshed iPhone 7s and a bigger iPhone 7s Plus. The 8 will have an AMOLED screen with tiny bezels and likely be no Touch ID sensor on the front, relying on infrared face unlock solution instead.

We're likely to see a new camera and a new A11 chipset as well.



Reader comments

  • Pink

I Love I Phone 8, but now I'm using I Phone 7 Plus. When this phone will launched


I like I phone 8 plus I am waiting the sale

  • bot!

it is, once you calculate the cost of equipment, spare parts, maintenance and potential losses in case of a breakdown, you realize that manual labor in China is cheaper and more efficient

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