Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note8 blind camera shootout

GSMArena team, 20 October 2017.

Voting results and phone identities revealed

The blind voting has ended. The majority of voters for all scenes have expressed their preference, for Phone B, which happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

  • Scene 1: 68% in favor of Note8
  • Scene 2: 57% in favor of Note8
  • Scene 3: 51% in favor of Note8
  • Scene 4: 57% in favor of Note8

Still, in most cases the margin was really small, which confirms our own observations.

We have a lot more samples to show you along with our full commentary over at the full camera shootout between the two phones, which we've just posted.

Below follows the original text of this blind vote article.

Camera shootout blind vote

Those of you following our Facebook page are probably aware that we're working on a camera shootout between the iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy Note8. Well, we're getting there, it's just a few finishing touches away from publication and it should go live some time tomorrow.

In the meantime, we figured we'd ask you to cast your vote which photos you like best without revealing the phone identities just yet. It's a blind vote so to speak.

We've picked a few 1:1 crops from the samples we shot for the article and we're presenting them to you for some initial pixel peeping.

We're starting with a few different types of foliage, two of them real, the others painted on a snail sculpture. Hover over the photos to compare the two crops and then cast your vote below.

Scene 1, 1:1 crops: daylight, wide-angle
Phone A
Phone B
Quiz Maker

Moving on to the telephoto cameras to bring some roof tiles closer. It's not just about detail though, look at the shadows to compare the noise properties of the two phones.

Scene 2, 1:1 crops: daylight, telephoto
Phone A
Phone B
poll maker

We've also prepped a set of low-light crops - believe it or not, these were taken at the exact same time (and there's a yellow van to prove it).

Scene 3, 1:1 crops: low light, wide-angle
Phone A
Phone B
Poll Maker

And the final one is not a crop but the entire scene (obviously downscaled to fit in here) to get a general idea of colors and exposure.

Scene 4, entire frame, downscaled: daylight, wide-angle
Phone A
Phone B

You have about 24 hours to cast your votes. We'll reveal the results tomorrow, and we'll follow up with the detailed comparison. Until then!