iPhone OS 3.0 update to finally hit everybody at 6pm London time

17 June, 2009

We know you can't wait to upgrade your iPhones to the latest 3.0 OS today, but don't hold your breath just yet.

As it seems the new firmware will become available at about the same time worldwide. According to some speculations, some more calculations and a official tip, the firmware is due at 6pm London time tonight.

The huge iPhone community is craving to get their hands on the final version of the new iPhone OS 3.0 while thousand others are waiting to buy the new Apple iPhone 3G S.

3's carrier in Hong Kong has sent their users an SMS with the exact launch time today. That's 1am local time on 18 June. That makes it due for 6pm in London, 7 pm in central Europe and 1pm in New York - today!

We're sure your patience will be rewarded with the over 100 new features that the iPhone OS 3.0 offers.



Reader comments

  • Dubbs_Man!

Hey has anyone else found that OS3 is really Laggy!.... I crasshed my iphone in like a day!...all the functions take a bit to load? Anyone found this to be true? And yes i turn my phone off twice a week and reset it if there is a problem....

  • Seehanach

After turning these functions off, the battery still works fine if you want to leave your 3G on at all time.

  • Seehanach

This is so true!

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