iPhone XR's build quality is on par with the XS, durability test reveals

Ro, 27 October 2018

The new iPhone XR is out on the street and as expected all kinds of reviews, teardowns and durability tests have come along with it. The latest durability test from JerryRigEverything is here to reveal a somewhat predictable turn of events.

Sure, the iPhone XR might be affordable to Apple's standard but with a price tag of $750, we can only treat it as a high-end smartphone. And luckily, its build quality proves it is in fact a high-quality device. Except for the small fact that Apple still advertises sapphire glass on its camera lens while it clearly isn't.

The good news is that the side metal frame is solid, the phone doesn't bend and the screen easily recovers from burns. You can check out the entire battery of tests in the video below.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

2800 mah battery beats 4000 or 5000 android phones are you just kidding ? This is not true I know that apple optimization is better but not like this 2800 on ios is just like 3200 for android And don't forget that not all androids phone are equi...

Well i dont think so. Anywhere on a youtube are done battery tests and most of them proven apple is efficient but boring. Even if a hone would last longer on battery charge android phones can charge fuly within the hour where apple is maybe at ...

First thing. You can't compare battery by mah between android and ios. Depending on the task you do, ios can be hugely efficient. For example gaming, ios will shame any android except samsung which gets their optimization due to exynos chips. 2nd the...