iQOO 8 Pro's Samsung E5 LTPO OLED display get an excellent A+ mark from DisplayMate

Peter, 17 August 2021

The iQOO 8 series was just announced and it features Samsung E5 display panels. If you’re impatient, you don’t have to wait long to find out what this is all about – DisplayMate has already posted a full review of the iQOO 8 Pro display.

The phone has a flexible LTPO OLED panel with a 6.8” diagonal (20:9 aspect ratio). It uses a Diamond Pixels arrangement and has 1440p+ resolution and has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz.

Color gamuts supported by the iQOO 8 Pro Color accuracy of the E5 screen
Color gamuts supported by the iQOO 8 Pro • Color accuracy of the E5 screen

The iQOO 8 Pro scored an A+ mark, the highest given out by DM, by setting or matching 14 smartphone display performance records. These includes excellent color accuracy, covering 112% of DCI-P3 and 140% of sRGB, showing an impressive brightness of 980 nits at 100% APL (i.e. the full screen is lit up) and peaking at 1,508 nits with low APL. The 8 Pro has some of the lowest screen reflectance ever tested by DM.

7 of the 14 performance records were rated “visually indistinguishable from perfect”, which earned the new iQOO flagship a DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award.

You can read the full review here.


Reader comments

  • dan
  • 19 Sep 2021
  • HsI

apple uses samsung's ltpo displays man. They have been using samsung displays since the first retina display in iphone. Go figure.

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Aug 2021
  • Ibx

Yes, because Foxconn owns Sharp display. And Foxconn is the oldest and biggest suppliers for Apple.

This looks actually nice. The specs and its price does connect unlike with other overpriced phones in the market especially that it has high display mode. Well, if you are planning to buy this kind of phone. It is already a great skill. Just make sur...

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