Is this the Galaxy S5 that we see in the background?

23 February, 2014

Samsung kicked off the MWC with the announcement of the Tizen-powered Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, but the star of the show will arrive tomorrow – the Galaxy S5. The upcoming flagship is presumably in Barcelona right now and was caught in a short video showing the Gear 2.

Here's the video, but don't look at the watch – there's a device that looks a lot like a Galaxy S4, except there's something strange under the camera. The LED flash on the S4 is there, but that's a small, single LED, while this unknown feature looks as wide as the camera.

We'll find out tomorrow what that feature is, but here's something we can tell right now – there will be at least three color versions of the Galaxy S5. There's a White one, a Black (dark blue?) one and a Gold one. Oh, and it looks like they are all using plastic back panels yet again.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-57516

I love my Audi S5.

  • Anonymous

if you really bothred by the design of s5 then itt actually mean you really dilike all the phones on the market i mean the designs out there all copied samsung and then again who cares what a phone looks like all that matters is what the damn thing c...

  • AnonD-43136

Gsm already showed us possible S5 and it looked like those with a dual flash underneath camera!