Alleged Apple iPhone 6 frame leaks

08 January, 2014

It's still pretty early for believable leaks of the whole design (those start popping up closer to the announcement) but some parts are certainly already in testing so there might be something to this.

Straight off Chinese leakster CTech responsible for credible specs leaks and a video of a working iPhone 5c in the wild come two images of what appears to be a metal housing. According to the source the housing could belong to the upcoming iPhone 6.

Alleged iPhone 6 metal housing

The screen that could be mounted on the housing is quoted at 4.7" (supporting earlier claims) or even slightly larger - 5". The housing also points to a thinner frame, perhaps around 6 mm.

However the body seems wrong somehow. It looks wider and shorter than the iPhone 5s. But words aren't enough, just check out the image we concocted below. It seems that if this housing is true to life the next iPhone/s could finally reduce the huge bezels around the screen.

iPhone 5s over shell

As we said - it's still early days. This could turn out to be a deliberate fake. But China is the place we'd expect credible leaks to come from.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

big screen

  • Anonymous

How can you say it's ugly like hell??? It's the frame of the phone?? hahaha

  • Ricky

its a internet based phone and specially used for business purposes ///so they shouldnt increase the size of the screen coz they are still different from others & mobile phones should be handy not large like tabs

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