Italy slaps Amazon and Apple with €200 million anti-trust fines

Peter, 23 November 2021

Italy’s antitrust authority has fined Amazon €68.7 million and Apple €134.5 million for anti-competitive practices. Both companies will be appealing the fine.

The problem lies in an agreement between Amazon and Apple from 2018 that allowed only Amazon and select resellers to offer Apple and Beats products on Amazon Italy. Additionally, there were restriction placed on cross-border sales.

The Italian authority says that reduced competition on pricing and reduced the size of discounts offered by third parties. Such deals are against EU rules (Article 101).

Italy slaps Amazon and Apple with €200 million in anti-trust fines over Apple and Beats products sales

Besides paying the fine, the two companies must also any retailer of genuine Apple and Beats products access to the marketplace in a non-discriminatory manner.

The antitrust authorities in Germany and Spain and doing their own investigations into this.

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Reader comments

For those companies 200 millions is like for me 20 cents.

Are you stoned or somthing or simply jyst a US citizen justifying your rotten country. All this stuff you say here, i did not say. I dont like China or US at all, worst countries. But no matter who they are, they have to follow the law and t...

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Nov 2021
  • nYE

And thus the world sold their body and soul to china. I understand stuff needs to be cheap, but damn the world is so extremely dependent on China it is quite ridiculous. People claim US is the most powerful country on the world, but the sam...

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