ITG xpPhone first live photos appear, look pretty nice

13 December, 2009

The ITG xpPhone just edged a step closer to its release with the appearance of its first live photos. The device that keeps challenging our idea of a smartphone looks pretty good in those shots and makes us look forward to its official release even more impatiently.

We have already told you about the ITG xpPhone and its large set of customizable features. Running on Windows XP or Windows 7 OS it will pack up to 2GB of RAM and up to 120GB of storage space. All of a sudden your HTC HD2 isn’t looking all that powerful, right?

Here go the two shots of the ITG xpPhone to see what we are talking about.

ITG xpPhone ITG xpPhone
ITG xpPhone live shots

The only thing that bothers us here is the large amount of wasted space around the display, but we guess you cannot have it all. The xpPhone is still way too little when compared to a netbook and it is obviously set to do what the HTC Advantage duo failed to – create a whole new class of devices.

Of course we will only be able to say that for sure when we learn its pricing and test the real-life performance of the xpPhone but on paper it looks really promising. We’ll keep you updated about the other steps it will take before eventually hitting the shelves.


Reader comments

  • Lucas

You've got to be joking.. The screen is 4.8 inches. Its much larger then any other mobile phone.

  • rambo6

This phone may actually allow me to leave my laptop home. I hope it comes with many 3G radios for the US. I'd also like to see a little larger display. There's room. Use it.

  • Romeo

what's with that big face and such a small screen.

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