It's official - Lumia phones will be branded 'Microsoft Lumia'

24 October, 2014

The Nokia Lumia brand is no more – from now on there will only be Microsoft Lumia. However the Nokia phone brand isn't completely dead, Microsoft will continue to sell current Nokia Lumia handsets and provide the support that users expect. Also, features phones like the Nokia 130 will continue to be sold, we should also see new feature phones being introduced.

Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones, gave an interview in which she detailed the future course of the Lumia brand. She points out that the rebranding is already underway with former Nokia-branded apps coming under the Microsoft umbrella. Similarly Nokia sites are in the process of moving to Microsoft.

It's not clear when the first Microsoft Lumia device will be unveiled, "soon" is the only answer we're getting. However, unless Microsoft sneaks in an announcement just before Christmas chances are that CES in January or the MWC in February next year is when the first devices will be unveiled.

Microsoft's strategy from its very inception is to put a PC on every desktop, now they will be focusing on a phone in every pocket. This comes on the back of record Lumia sales, so Microsoft has a decent chance of securing Windows Phone as the third horse in the smartphone OS game.



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I want to myanmar root

  • AnonD-47090

Microsoft, don`t kill the name "Nokia" or you will lose a lot. The Nokia name enjoys such a great reputation for so many years of very good built quality, premium parts, great performance, great after-sale services and continuous software ...

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