iTunes for Windows is coming to the Windows Store

Prasad, 12 May 2017

In a rather unexpected twist, Microsoft announced at the Build conference that iTunes will be coming to the Windows Store.

This is pretty big news, as iTunes has so far been a standalone download that you would have to get from Apple's website. Having it on the store would make it a lot easier for most people to download it on their computer. It also means that those running Windows 10 S will be able to use iTunes in future, as 10 S has no support for non-Store apps.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the current standalone version of iTunes, and if other major apps like Chrome will be coming to the Windows Store.


Reader comments

  • BV

Exclusivity? It has always been available for windows, the only difference is that now it will be on the WStore.

  • AnonD-666047

It may sound selfish but iTunes losing its exclusivity like this is not good.

  • AnonD-647900

Hopefully now more popular apps will be coming to the Windows Store too, at least one can hope.