January update for Google's Pixel phones also includes anti-aging display improvements

Himanshu, 05 January 2018

Google has already started rolling out the January update to Pixels and Nexuses, and we know it includes security patches for a lot of vulnerabilities ranging from high to critical. What we didn't know so far that there are some anti-aging improvements included as well.

That was revealed by Canadian carrier Telus, which published a changelog for the update. On their software update schedule page, they say the January update for all Pixel phones includes these improvements.

It's difficult to say what exactly are anti-aging improvements. If we were to speculate, this could be related to the burn-in problem that received widespread coverage back in October last year.

Although Google quickly cleared the air saying burn-in isn't a big deal, the company did note that it will continue to make enhancements which maximize the life of your Pixel screen.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

If they argue about black-black get back at them with white-white, I bet these Oled screens can't without getting blue/green/red tint issues.

  • Anonymous

meh. stock android sucks. it cant handle oled correctly

  • ZloiYuri

The most funny part of thieir nonsences is "Black is black!" It's so ridicu;ous actually! You see real blacks only at turned off screens. Otherwise you have to see information. And it's definitely NOT black. Second disappointment of amoieds to me -...