JerryRig teardown of Redmi K20 Pro shows rubber seals, transparent version shows off the pop-up cam

Peter, 16 September 2019

After doing his usual durability test, Zack from Jerry Rig is ready to take the Redmi K20 Pro apart (in Europe, the phone is known as the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro). The most interesting component is the pop-up selfie, but the phone contains a few surprises too.

Interestingly, there were rubber seals around every opening, including the pop-up camera. Officially, the K20 Pro lacks any water resistance, it’s not even splash proof. Unofficially (and without any promises in terms of warranty), the phone might have a better chance of surviving encounters with liquids than most unrated phones.

Anyway, Zack peeled off the coating of the glass back. There’s a large number of panels and daughter boards hiding the mother board, but the transparent back offers a clear view of the stepper motor and screw that move the pop-up camera.


Reader comments

Welli am not sarcastic but oh well i dont mind.

  • Anonymous

Depends on usage, not everyone blast music directly from phone or watch a movie without earpiece

Its understandable for the most part, but honestly, don't you feel S10's audio quality being distinctly better, it will make a better phone overall? I was considering K20 Pro, but after its audio review. I guess I won't. The audio is 3.5mm ...

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