Jio is working on the JioBook - an ARM laptop with Windows 10

Victor, 06 February 2022

Reliance-backed Jio is probably best known for its India cellular network and affordable subsidized devices. Most recently, the JioPone Next and coming soon, the JioPhone 5G. A Jio-laptop has been popping up in the rumor mill for some time as well. It was recently mentioned in a hardware certification document as well. Unfortunately, the document doesn't reveal any device specs other than the fact that it is clearly ARM-based, as opposed to x86 and is certified to run the ARM version of Windows 10.

JioBook certification
JioBook certification

The filing does also mention "Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd." - the OEM for the laptop in question. It is a Shenzhen-based company that specializes in such hardware. Since we know the "product name" for the device will be "QL218_V2.2_JIO_11.6_20220113_v2" we did some snooping around and found a vast "218-series" lineup of devices on the Emdoor Digital Technology website. All of these, however, use either an Intel or AMD x86 CPU and not an ARM chip. Their designs look vastly different, too, so we can't quite say which chassis Jio will be using. Emdoor Digital Technology is clearly customizing specifically for Jio.

Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 218-series of devices
Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 218-series of devices

Whatever the JioBook end up being, we can be pretty certain that it will be affordable.

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Reader comments

Huh? Windows RT came out in 2011(running on Nvidia Tegra and Snapdragon) The first Windows on ARM devices came out in 2017. The reason it's running Windows on ARM 10 is that WoA 11 is only available in insider builds right now. Have no clue ...

Windows 10 ain't ancient bro. I'm not gonna answer to any replies because that's bothering to me.

  • um
  • 07 Feb 2022
  • mve

Windows only works on x86 but you can install a real os and use it as a subsystem under window but what's the point install Android or a full desktop Linux , Windows is irrelevant nowdays

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