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  • Sanya

Best phone but without compass, is there any microusb -compass sensors?

  • Anonymous

is it compatible with sprint?

  • Linux Viking

One can get Sony Xerpia X and Sailfish OS from Jolla separate and install.

  • Dimi

Best phone ever
Unfortunately it is not produced any more

  • Monkey

It's a super duper phone

  • AnonD-716026

it's 2018 and people still care about this phone...

  • AnonD-78146

AnonD-86441, 25 Sep 2017Still in love with this phone, use it as my daily driver since 2014.That is impressive on too many levels ! You'll soon be able to upgrade to the Xperia X Sailfish OS edition :)

  • AnonD-78146

Still some interest in this phone :)

  • AnonD-86441

Still in love with this phone, use it as my daily driver since 2014.

  • rainman

Today I got a cheap Android phone with some small goodies - 1GB RAM, 4 core MT CPU, 5" screen with 720 x 1280 p and 294 ppi, 8 MPix camera, 4G, real GPS and very big battery. I configured this phone some hours. After configurating I took my jolla and I feel that I do not want never to use the cheap Android phones - differences is too big for the benefit Jolla. This cheap Andro for my fife's sport tracking and unfortunally I don't know about GPS accuracy.

  • rainman

After updates Jolla is a very good small phone and can run my favorite Android apps like ColorNote, MS Office, Waze, AdobeAcrobat, OutOfMilk, TuneInRadio, MX Player, Firefox, PrettyPainter, others and lot of Jolla app's. Compass with magnetometer on board but Inclinometer can't calibrated. GPS accuracy compared with HTC top phones but little slow. Sound in 3,5 audio is not good but not bad too - listened with amplifier or better headphones. Handling without case is bad but phone itself looks cool (best handling etalons for me is LG P500 Optimus One and SonyEricsson Aspen M1 with physical qwerty keyboard). Camera is not good but better than Marshall phone camera (without settings). Sailfish OS like the increasingly more and more, little bit a stiff but I like it (I have lot of Androids, WP phones, Symbians and old WinMo's and tablets too). Jolla is my main phone sinc march 2016. I think Jolla has to find itself as among the other phones. Good luck, Jolla!

  • Anonymous

It's hardware friendly compared to androlags. Because it uses c++ on its apps while androlags use java and java virtual Machine called ART.

  • Drax

Hello Guys. Please visit this thread at Jolla and Sailfish OS forum. I've listed almost all the features that everyone wants in the next version of Sailfish OS. Don't forget to cast your votes.­f-features-that-we-all-want-in-next-version-of-s­ailfish-os-(must-read)/

  • Drax

Sailfish OS 2.0 is very nice. I'm using Intex Aqua Fish which is a rebranded Jolla C phone. So far, I like the OS. It doesn't have as many features as Androids because it is a new OS on version 2.0. Give it some time. Hope Jolla is here to make a difference.

  • bombussubterranus

DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR, DO NOT BUY A JOLLA PHONE! My Jolla phone was a huge disappointment! Mobile reception was awful and WiFi via eduroam cannot be used with standard settings. In addition the charger only worked when arranged in a certain angle and eventually didn't work at all anymore. When I returned the phone they charged me 90$ for 1 missing cable - no chance to send it to them afterwards. I feel ripped off.

  • Jossi

Dame CENO, 22 Sep 2015Hi mar nyaks, I am in nigeria and I am a proud owner of this ama... moreCan you please help me get one too.Am also a Nigerian and devoid of a functional smartphone now,with this a Nokia-like phone those of us who're Nokia friends can feel the torch again.Thanks

  • Gbodimowo

Dame CENO, 22 Sep 2015Hi mar nyaks, I am in nigeria and I am a proud owner of this ama... moreWell i am in nigeria too been on this phone since december 2014 it is fast in handling somethings but slow in response to some android apps and with this 2.0 on which i am basing this comment on battery lasts longer

  • lars

Installed Sailfish OS 2.0 yesterday. My Jolla phone is now faster, works much better and looks nicer.

  • Dame CENO

mar~nyaks, 12 Aug 2015Hi, I'm in South Africa and in need of this jola phone. What sho... moreHi mar nyaks, I am in nigeria and I am a proud owner of this amazing device, although had a friend get it for me in Germany. Namibia is the only African country licensed to sell it, maybe you should get there since it is close to south africa, or maybe get in touch with the company that sells it through the net.

  • mar~nyaks

Hi, I'm in South Africa and in need of this jola phone. What should I do? Here is my email to those who wana help me: